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How to Enroll
Preschool Universal Pre-K (UPK)
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Preschool & Universal Pre-K (UPK) Cohoes, NY

About Kids Express

Kids Express is a premier preschool and Universal Pre-K (UPK) provider located in Cohoes, NY. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and educational environment for children aged 3 to 5 years old. Our team of highly trained teachers and staff are committed to helping children develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills through engaging activities and play-based learning.

Our Services

At Kids Express, we offer a range of services designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each child. Our services include:

  • Preschool education
  • Universal Pre-K (UPK) program
  • Enrichment programs
  • After-school care
  • Summer camp

Our Process

Our process is designed to ensure that each child receives personalized attention and experiences a well-rounded education. Here’s a brief overview of our process:

  1. Initial assessment: We evaluate each child’s skills and abilities to create a customized learning plan.
  2. Engaging curriculum: Our curriculum focuses on age-appropriate activities that promote social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  3. Qualified teachers: Our experienced teachers provide guidance, support, and individualized attention to each child.
  4. Regular assessments: We track each child’s progress and provide feedback to parents through regular assessments and parent-teacher meetings.

Benefits of Kids Express

Choosing Kids Express for your child’s preschool and Universal Pre-K needs in Cohoes, NY comes with several benefits:

  • Small class sizes: Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for individualized attention and personalized learning.
  • Safe and nurturing environment: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all children in our care.
  • Enrichment programs: Our additional programs enhance learning opportunities and provide a well-rounded education.
  • Convenient location: We are conveniently located in Cohoes, NY, making it easy for families in the area to access our services.

Location History

Cohoes, NY, is a historic city with a rich heritage. It was initially settled in the 17th century and played a significant role in the industrial revolution. Today, Cohoes is known for its beautiful architecture, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant community.

Interesting Facts

  • Cohoes Falls, located in the city, is one of the largest waterfalls in New York State.
  • The Harmony Mills Historic District in Cohoes is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Cohoes is often referred to as the “Spindle City” due to its history in textile manufacturing.

Local Culture and Traditions

Cohoes has a diverse local culture with a strong sense of community. The city hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating its heritage, arts, and music. Residents of Cohoes take pride in their city and actively participate in preserving its traditions and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the age range for preschool and UPK at Kids Express?

A: Kids Express accepts children aged 3 to 5 years old for our preschool and Universal Pre-K programs.

Q: Is Kids Express licensed and accredited?

A: Yes, Kids Express is fully licensed by the state of New York and accredited by reputable early childhood education organizations.

Q: What is the curriculum like at Kids Express?

A: Our curriculum is designed to promote holistic development, including social, emotional, and cognitive skills. It is play-based and incorporates a variety of engaging activities.

Q: Are there any additional programs offered at Kids Express?

A: Yes, Kids Express offers enrichment programs such as music, art, and physical education to enhance the learning experience for children.

Q: How can I enroll my child at Kids Express?

A: To enroll your child at Kids Express, simply contact our office to schedule a visit and complete the necessary enrollment forms. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process.

Q: What are the operating hours of Kids Express?

A: Kids Express operates from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We also offer extended care options for working parents.

Q: Is financial assistance available for preschool and UPK programs?

A: Kids Express offers various financial assistance options, including scholarships and sliding fee scales, to help make our programs accessible to families of different income levels.


Get in Touch with Us

For more information about our school, programs, or rates, or to set up a private tour, email or call us anytime at (518) 328-0430.